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An endangered Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) in Jim Corbett National Park (India). Photograph by Deep Rajwar (Pexels)

Newly-updated Scientific Reviews:

Ecology of Condors

Evolution of Horses

Sympatric Tiger and Leopard

The Value of Wolves

Sympatric Giant Panda & Chinese Red Panda

Badger-Coyote Associations

Ecology of the Cock-of-the-Rock

Special Report: Ukraine on the Brink

Kherson’s Chemical Graveyards

Climate Change & Lake Svitiaz

Kyiv’s Dirty Air

Stories from Chornobyl

Ukraine’s Chornobyl Archives: Four Key Revelations

The Animals of Chornobyl

Transforming Ukraine’s Nuclear Cities

Low-priced Rental Properties in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

Kyiv’s Radikal Threat

Kalush Ecological Emergency Zone

Deforestation threatens Fragile Ecosystems

Ukraine’s Garbage becomes Hungary’s Problem

Environmental Impacts of War in Eastern Ukraine

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Green Tourism

Mercury in Tapwater of Odessa Oblast

Heavy Metal Soil Contamination and Cancer Rates in Uman

Alien Plant Invasions in Ukraine

Environmental Consciousness of Students at the National Metallurgical Academy in Dnepr

Ukraine fights Animal Abuse in Baby Steps

Thousands March for Animal Rights in Kyiv

Fighting for a Greener Ukraine

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