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About ecology.info

Welcome to ECOLOGY.INFO, the English language service of Ecology Online!  Here we are building a permanent website for high-quality, state-of-the-art information about Ecology, natural history and the environment.

Our reviews are world-class reports and syntheses of scientific research, that assemble, summarize and critique the information that has been published on various ecological topics.

Continuously-updated reviews are updated online as soon as new research results become available, they represent state-of-the-art knowledge on the topics they cover.  In this respect, they are superior to paper-based publications, such as books and journals, which become outdated soon after publication.

Also, unlike books and journals, our reviews are free of cost to you the reader.  Each is written by a doctor (PhD) of Ecology, or someone with equivalent expertise, whose integrity and competence is at the highest professional level.

Guest Reviews are written by distinguished researchers in Ecology.  While not updated continuously, they nevertheless contain significant and important information on the ecological topics they cover.

In our Poems section, we publish original poems about ecology.  Poems are another way to teach ecology.  Besides being beautiful and eloquent, their words play back in the mind of the reader, and so help one remember important ecological concepts and facts.

Our Children's Poems section features poems written especially for children.  However, adults will enjoy them as well!

Perhaps the most important part of our website is our Solutions section.  Here we provide answers to the question that everyone is asking, "How can we solve the ecological crisis?"

ECOLOGY.INFO is a collaborative effort of professionally-educated ecologists, translators, photographers and artists throughout the world.  These persons donate their works free-of-charge to this website so that high-quality, state-of-the-art information about ecology can be available free to all people. 

ECOLOGY.INFO focuses on Ecology, i.e. interactions between organisms, and between organisms and their environment.  Here you can learn how plants, animals and the environment interact to produce the world we live in.  Here also you can update your knowledge on topics that interest you.

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ECOLOGY ONLINE is an international publisher with headquarters in Sweden.  We currently publish in five of the world's major languages and have plans to eventually publish in over twenty languages (listed on menu above, to right).  If you would like to help us by volunteering your time to translate articles into any of these languages, please write us at:


We are an independent entity that is not controlled by any government, corporation or political party.  While we encourage everyone to be politically active, our websites are not political.  This is because we believe that people need reliable information sources that are not tainted by partisan politics, where they know they can find accurate, unbiased information.

Our independent status, along with the fact that we continually update our reviews using only the results of sound scientific research, means that our websites are reliable, unbiased sources that you can depend upon for the best available information.

 Photograph at top of page:  A tomato anemone fish.  Photo taken in waters off the island of Celebes, Indonesia, by Luca Biagiotti (Italy).

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